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Thank you for your interest in White Knight Wheel Accessories! 
We are very eager for this opportunity to earn your business. 

To become a customer of White Knight Wheel accessories, please complete the
New Customer Questionnaire and Credit Application and submit it by fax: (562) 483-5219.  You will need Adobe Reader to view, complete and print the Credit Application.  If you do not have Adobe, click here.

If you are interested in receiving any literature, please complete and fax back our Literature Request Form.  You can request our latest Catalog, Jobber and/or Application Guide.  (One of each item per customer.)

Also, please note the following requirements:

  1. We require a $1,500.00 start-up order to buy into White Knight Wheel Accessories (freight prepaid).
  2. All orders over $350.00 will qualify you for W.D. pricing.  For other pricing structures, please contact:  Orders under $350.00 will be at Jobber pricing.  Any orders under $100.00 will be double the Jobber pricing.
  3. We do not break Inner and Master boxes for lug nuts, lug bolts, wheel locks, bolt locks and cap locks.  Please pay attention to the Inner/Master quantities of each part and order in increments of those quantities.  Please note that different parts have different Inner/Master quantities.
  4. We pay freight to specific regions with minimum orders: $500.00 for Western region, $750.00 for Central region, $1000.00 to Eastern region.  Please call to verify your region.

Thank you again for your interest in White Knight Wheel Accessories.



We DO NOT sell retail, nor to the general public.  If you are an individual interested in a part,
we will be happy to refer you to a distributor in your area.  Please contact (800) 343-8313, ext. 106.

Website use for existing White Knight customers only.  If you are interested in becoming a new customer, please click here

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